Lords of Light Foundation

Funding The Foot Soldiers

Lords of Light Foundation’s vision is to “fund the foot soldiers”. There are many non profit organizations that are very 

good at what we call the ground game. What we do is financially support these people.

Let me give you an example; we came across a very interesting young lady. She has been working on her non profit

for many years. Currently, she has gathered 260 volunteers, working with 40 students who are receiving one on

one academic and career support, and they currently support 250 families by growing produce for these families.

All this has been put together while she works full time at a job to pay her bills. Our question is, how much more could

she do if she was able to work full time on her non profit?

Our plan, with your financial support, is to fund these types of foot soldiers and support them.

Can you imagine her reaction? “Hello, we are with Lords of Light Foundation and we have been following your story. 

We have two questions for you. How much do you make at your job? How much more could you do with your non profit

if you could focus on it full time? Here is a check for the amount you made last year at your job and we will be here next

year as well”. After she is done crying, imagine just how much more she will do. This is what we call

“funding the foot soldiers!”

We have designed our program to find and fund these people. Each “foot soldier” will be given a simple but effective

set of reporting guidelines to follow regarding how these funds are to be spent. Our Foundation will evaluate their

work every six months.

We have selected our first foot soldier. Click Here to learn more:

To Fund The Foot Soldiers, Click Donate.